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Renovating a living area with a few solutions: Chiara’s home near Milan.

Chiara loves colourful spaces and vintage furniture, and she contacted me to renovate the living area in her small villa in Legnano, in the metropolitan city of Milan.
In particular, she wanted to make the hallway more welcoming and reorganise the living room, by changing the furniture and colour choices.
I suggested Prêt-à-porter, a home makeover service that’s also effective remotely and therefore perfect for us.

Chiara shared house plans and photos of the rooms via email and, from our first conversation, I could see our biggest challenge: bringing 'a breath of fresh air' to a space that would keep its terracotta floor and some vintage furniture, typical traditional elements. 

I approached the problem from two angles:

  • I suggested a new layout for the spaces, to clearly and precisely define the various areas and soften the transition from one space to another, by lightening the existing structures.
  • I also suggested working on colour, with a palette that introduced sage green, black and white to harmonise the colours of the terracotta tiles, vintage furniture and new furnishings.

I suggested more than one area of work.

  • I offered two ideas for the glass wall separating the living room and kitchen. The first was to replace the window with elements with a lighter look, using materials like metal and glass. Or, I suggested we could turn everything into a half-wall to use as bar area, a convivial corner to provide a transition between the kitchen and living room. This was the solution Chiara preferred.
  • I also worked with a new colour palette on the walls and the shades of a selection of furniture. Chiara also liked these ideas, choosing sage as the colour of large portions of the wall and purchasing a cream-coloured sofa for the living room.
  • I redesigned the spaces in the living room, with a reading corner near the window and a custom-made piece of furniture for the TV corner.
  • Finally, I recommended redecorating the hallway, adding a little cabinet for objects and a large mirror to make it larger and brighter. 

Chiara was really enthusiastic and thanks to her all my suggestions were adopted right away in the living area, which now is now bathed in a completely new light. 

Portrait of interior designer Stefania Luraghi as she works on a project.

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