Interior designer Stefania Luraghi, owner of Elles Interior Design, pictured inside a house designed by her.

Hi, my name is Stefania and I’m your Personal Interior Designer.

Together we can transform your living space so you feel truly at home. 

Whether you live alone, with your partner, or your family, if your home is a haven where you can re-charge your batteries, a multi-functional space that’s also your home office or a cosy place you share with those you love, together we’ll find the perfect solutions to inspire you and express your personality to the fullest.

My interior designs are personal because…

  • my specialty is home interior design. I work with the space that has always been the setting for the most intimate parts of life and the most important relationships.
  • All my work starts with the identity of a home, which reflects the lifestyle and personality of the people who live there.
  • I like working together closely with my clients, listening to them as they describe their dream home. 

The plural Elles, which is the name of my studio, encapsulates all this. My relationship with my clients is at the heart of my work. Women with different sensitivity and nature who and love to find a connection with their space.

Interior designer Stefania Luraghi, founder of Elles Interior Design, as she chooses fabrics in a supplier's showroom.
Close-up of interior designer Stefania Luraghi, owner of Elles Interior Design

Welcome to my world

I’ve travelled many different paths, but I’ve always found myself most at home in the world of shapes, colours and textures, in the elegance of details, in the warmth of cosy spaces, and in the magic of light and shade.

When I chose this field a “personal interior designer” was born, which I’ll tell you about in this, my ‘online home’.

Interior designer Stefania Luraghi holds the fabrics sample selected for upholstery for a furniture project.

How can I help you?

Our journey together may start with a targeted design consultation, where we identify little touches that can brighten your home. Or you may want a bigger change, to restyle entire spaces in your house, without being overly invasive. Or perhaps you’re ready for a real turnkey renovation project that will transform your home into the style of your dreams.

Whatever journey we take together, YOU are always the starting point: your aesthetic awareness, your lifestyle and your idea of home. I’ll lead you on this adventure so that my suggestions reflect you in every detail, in a way that’s far removed from glossy models or clichés. 


My interior stories

Detail of a living room console table with mirrored doors, part of an interior design project by Stefania Luraghi.
Detail of a white corner sofa, which accommodates a small table with magazines in the center. Design by Stefania Luraghi, Elles Interior Design.
Detail of an alcove in a kitchen design by Elles Interior Design.
A hand wash that minimizes clutter in the restroom, in an interior design project by Stefania Luraghi

If you browse my portfolio, you’ll find much more than an archive of work organised by type of space.

As you can see, each of my projects is designed to fit the lives of the people who live there: the relationships and emotions they experience, the changes they go through, and the rhythm and priorities of their daily life. These are all aspects that I invite you to grasp in the choices I’ve made in every project: from organising spaces to furniture design, creating a colour palette, and combining textures and materials.



Detail of the hand of interior designer Stefania Luraghi, owner of Elles Interior Design, as she takes notes.

Other places you can find me

You can also reach out to me on social networks. My Instagram can inspire you with the designs, furnishings and creations I love most. I share moments from my life and personal reflections, moments of beauty that can fire the imagination.


Let’s get inspired together

I’ve curated and thought for a long time about this website to make it a gateway to my world.
Please contact me directly if you think we could work well together, or just to chat about what’s inspired you in these pages.
Write to me if you think something is right for you and you’d like to discuss it further, but also if you feel a bit lost or have a different idea in mind.
I’d like to think that we can meet just for the fun of it.

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    My name is Stefania and I’m your Personal Interior Designer. Together we can transform your living space so you feel truly at home.

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