With my interior design coaching session, we’ll clearly identify the new elements you want to bring to your home, to find creative inspiration that fits your vibe and makes being at home even more pleasurable. 

Portrait of interior designer Stefania Luraghi, founder of studio Elles Interior Design , in a moment of her work.

Let’s see if I can guess… this is you, right?

Interior design is a real passion that you’ve been developing for a long time, because it’s very important for you to feel a deep connection with the space you live in.
You like to keep up to date and experiment with trends to make them your own, but you’re not one for glossy magazines and you want to bring a personal touch to your world, without clichés.  
You’ve always got some small change in mind, which fits your evolution and improves the way you experience your home. Your aesthetic awareness is so acute that even little details can have a big impact on your wellbeing.

Let’s help clarifying ideas

Even if you’ve always cared for your space independently, by following your intuition and personal taste, maybe you:

  • are confused by too many stimuli and you’re not sure whether you’ve got the right idea.
  • can’t decide between different ideas for the same space.
  • haven’t found the right inspiration to brighten up a tricky corner of your home yet.
  • find conflicting styles that you want to harmonise. 

With RETOUCHE I’ll be at your side to help you come unstuck, alternating inspiration with focus. Then I’ll set you free to bring my suggestions to life. 

Accostamento di campioni di legno dalla finitura diversa, nella costruzione di una moodboard dello studio Elles Interior Design studio.
Accostamento di colori e materiali creato dall'interior designer Stefania Lurgahi per dare al cliente la sensazione generale che trasmetterà uno spazio.
Close-up photo of marble samples in a vendor's showroom. Design by Stefania Luraghi, Elles Interior Design.

How we’ll work together

  • As soon as we’ve made contact, I’ll listen to your thoughts and needs through a short questionnaire that you can complete on your own. If I need to, I’ll ask you for more detail on certain aspects so the changes you want to make to your spaces are clear.
  • Your photos will help me see your home and the inspirations you share will guide my ideas.
  • Then we’ll meet for 2 hours, either at your property or online. We’ll summarise everything we’ve shared, and I’ll meet your needs with targeted suggestions that fit your budget.
  • Finally, you’ll get a follow-up document that will help you manage your project. It will contain all my suggestions, plus a collection of visual inspirations, accompanied by a few pointers for bringing them to life in your space.


is for you if...

  • you only want to change a few important elements within a limited timeframe and budget.
  • you want quick and effective outside professional help that leaves you free to develop your ideas rapidly and independently.
  • you prefer simple, non-structured inspiration, rather than a step-by-step interior design project.
  • you’re looking for the freedom to work either in person or remotely. 
Juxtaposition of different fabric samples, in the construction of a moodboard by Elles Interior Design studio.


How much does it cost and how do you get it?

RETOUCHE is priced at 350€ (with a two-hour consultation), but I want to celebrate my brand-new website with a special offer of 300€ until the end of 2023.
To purchase, just contact me via this form… I can’t wait to welcome you!

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    My name is Stefania and I’m your Personal Interior Designer. Together we can transform your living space so you feel truly at home.

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