The roots of my interior design

Experience has shown me that all my projects go through 3 phases, each of which is cyclical: an explosion of endless possibilities converges into clear choices. I love this variety, because every moment of my work is enhanced and rooted in my values and talents.

Interior designer Stefania Luraghi is pictured spreading her arms wide in front of an elegant wood paneling.

In the first, exploratory phase, I’m led by instinct and my love of listening. Whether we just meet once, or it’s a structured conversation where you tell me about the house of your dreams, I work on a broad plane where I combine my thoughts and the information you’ve given me. 

My practical sense then leads me to an overview, where we establish a timeframe and a budget, aesthetic parameters and practical needs but – above all- what really gives you a sense of wellbeing in a space. This shared awareness guides our next steps. 


Now I have all the elements to work on the creative concept. This is a truly magical moment for me, where I can play with colours, shapes and textures.

At this stage, whether it’s a small or a large project, I like to imagine different solutions to meet your practical needs and endless combinations that match your aesthetic. Then I’ll hone the best ideas to present you with a couple of clear suggestions.


In the final phase, my practical sense takes over so I can bring the project to completion. There’s no one way of doing things and so here we’ll also explore various possibilities before moving on to purchasing and, choosing a partner or a construction company that fits our project best. I really love this stage, because I enjoy seeing your idea of a home come to life and giving you the happiness of living in it. 


How can I help you?

Every service I offer can correspond to a greater or lesser desire for change and so mirrors various stages of your life: little changes to complete a specific corner of your home, bigger projects that follow a gradual development or full renovations that can totally transform a space. Let’s take a look together in detail. 

A combination of colours and materials created by interior designer Stefania Lurgahi to give the customer the overall feeling that a space will convey.


My targeted interior design coaching session

This is a quick consultation if you want to brighten up a corner of your home with a few simple touches. Perhaps you’ve looked around and you already have a few ideas in mind, but you can’t decide and need an outside opinion from a professional.

With Retouche we’ll ease your doubts and guide you towards solutions that fit your taste and space: specific actions to give an even more personal touch to the way you live your home.



A home renovation to revamp entire spaces in your home

This is a more extensive service that’s perfect for you if you really want a change but not an invasive overhaul. We’ll work together to update some of the spaces in your home to fit your changing lifestyle. 

From a mood board with lights, colours and surfaces, to 2D and 3D renderings that reorganise spaces and suggests new furnishings and accessories: with Prêt-à-Porter I’ll give you all the support you need to transform your spaces into a real home of your own.

Home interior designer Stefania Luraghi checking the installation of a ceramic wall covering, inside a building site.
Stefania Luraghi's hands hold a carpenter's tape measure, symbolizing her interior design work.


A complete renovation for your home

This turnkey solution is ideal if you’ve just bought a house and want to furnish it in the style of your dreams, or if you’re thinking of totally transforming your home, with a clear budget and timeframe. 

In both cases, I’ll be at your side to completely oversee the project, from concept to installation, with tailor-made solutions crafted by my network of artisans.

This is a beautiful, exciting and dynamic journey, where we’ll make your personal vision of a home to be loved and lived come to life.


My interior stories

Detail of a living room console table with mirrored doors, part of an interior design project by Stefania Luraghi.
Detail of a white corner sofa, which accommodates a small table with magazines in the center. Design by Stefania Luraghi, Elles Interior Design.
Detail of an alcove in a kitchen design by Elles Interior Design.
A hand wash that minimizes clutter in the restroom, in an interior design project by Stefania Luraghi

As you may have guessed, all my projects have an impact on the domestic space but carry a piece of personal history with it. 

What I suggest is inextricably linked to people's lives. The projects are bound to their relationships, emotions and inspirations, but also to their priorities and practical needs.
That’s why, if you browse my portfolio, you’ll find much more than an archive of projects organised by type of space – it’s a real collection of life stories with a happy ending: the pleasure of being at home.

Portrait of interior designer Stefania Luraghi as she works on a project.

Let’s plan together

If you also want to discover the pleasure of being at home and you recognise yourself in my approach, let’s have a chat.  

Use these lines if you think there’s a specific service that’s right for you, or if you’re unsure and you’ve got a different kind of change in mind. Together we’ll find a solution that works for you. 

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    My name is Stefania and I’m your Personal Interior Designer. Together we can transform your living space so you feel truly at home.

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