We also call it a HOME REVAMP and it’s a service to adapt your home to changes in your lifestyle. 

As the project takes shape, you can imagine yourself into your new spaces, which we’ll tweak until they completely match your lifestyle, your taste and the way you want to feel at home.

Interior designer Stefania Luraghi as she develops a technical drawing, during a renovation project.

Let’s see if I can guess… this is you, right?

You think of your home as a cosy, intimate space that you love going back to, to recharge, regroup and experience your relationships. Whether it’s spacious or tiny, you like it when every corner of your home embodies your vision: a space for complete relaxation or all-out work, where you can concentrate or socialise with friends and family, keep everything organised or enjoy the moment.

However, there’s a ‘but’…

Lately you’ve been feeling that the spaces in your home aren’t keeping pace with the changes in your life: you want to open it to new people and new activities, but without a radical overhaul. 

Or perhaps you’ve just bought a house that you like structurally but want to fit more with your style without having to redo everything. Perhaps you’re looking for a solution to clutter that’s become a disturbing 'background noise' in your life…

Maybe you’ve already found inspirations that you feel are right, but you’re not always able to fit into your space, meaning you get stuck with ideas that don’t take shape. Or perhaps you’re thinking about a few different style and layout solutions, but feel you need to contact a professional to decide.
You might already be thinking of creating a new space – like a home office, a wellness space or a walk-in wardrobe – but you don’t know how to incorporate it properly in the rest of your home.

With PRÊT-À-PORTER your need for change becomes a clear vision that’s easy to achieve.

2D sketch of a walk-in closet designed by interior designer Stefania Luraghi.
Detail of a piece of furniture, in a project by the studio Elles Interior Design.
Interior designer Stefania Luraghi combines different samples of upholstery materials.
Detail of a folder of wood samples in the studio Elles Interior Design.

How we’ll work together

  • After our first contact, we’ll meet, either face-to-face or online, to explore your needs and define how our work together will evolve. We’ll identify priorities and crucial areas, a timeframe and budget. For a fuller picture, I may also ask you to answer a questionnaire on your own and share some inspiration, which can help me focus my suggestions for your project. 
  • Once an estimate is approved, I’ll meet you for an inspection and survey. If distance is a problem, your measurements and photos. will help me come into your home.
  • I’ll then start working on the cornerstones of the creative concept and give you some suggestions: a project colour palette and a mood board that coordinates all the ideas with a specific style of living.
  • At a later stage, redrawing the floor plan will offer a useful overview of the project and is essential for creating new spaces like a walk-in wardrobe, a custom-made wardrobe, a home office, a wellness area or a simple storage space, in your forever home.
  • Once the basics are clear, we’ll work on furniture and lighting, starting with a mood board and then exploring the details of every element. If the project involves made-to-measure furniture, I’ll complete the presentation with renderings that will help the work of craftsmen during the creation phase.
  • There will be time to share ideas, at each stage of the project, until we are completely happy with every detail. 
  • Finally, if you wish, I’ll also give you my network of contacts  companies and artisans that can bring your project to life.


is for you if...

  • you want to revamp your whole house or a limited area without embarking on a real renovation project, to reduce the amount of work and the budget. 
  • you feel you need to talk to a professional to study solutions that best meet the changes you’re looking for in detail.
  • you want a clear idea of your future spaces, both in terms of style and layout.
  • you’d like to visualise how any new areas or furnishing elements will be designed and how they’ll be incorporated into your home.
  • you want to decide on the steps to take using professional tools, so that they can be a precise guide in the work phase.
  • You don't feel a need to work in person, but you trust in what virtual consultancy can offer you.
Home interior designer Stefania Luraghi checking the installation of a ceramic wall covering, inside a building site.


How much does it cost and how do you get it?

Prêt-à-porter costs are estimated per square metre and depend on the type of space and the complexity of the project, which I can quantify after talking to you and getting a general idea of your home. You’ll then get a customised estimate that you’re completely free to review. Request an initial consultation using the form below or by contacting me at… I can’t wait to hear from you!

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    My name is Stefania and I’m your Personal Interior Designer. Together we can transform your living space so you feel truly at home.

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