Welcome! I’m Stefania and I love making you feel at home.

Portrait de Stefania Luraghi, fondatrice de Elles Interior Design, travaillant dans son studio.
Interior designer Stefania Luraghi in her interior design studio, looking for samples for a moodboard.

When I say that I’m your 'personal interior designer' it’s because I believe that everyone has their own idea of home, something I want to express and make a reality through my work. 

Listening carefully and talking is at the heart of all my projects: our partnership can create the perfect design for you, with no clichés.  

I live my world so that you can live yours

A wall mirror reflects the image of Stefania Luraghi, founder of studio Elles Interior Design.

My mother was a seamstress and my father was a carpenter, so the search for beauty with an artisan approach has always been part of my DNA somehow.

My desire to learn something new every day led me to pack in a lot of different experiences. I had a successful career in the world of finance. I’ve worked in multicultural environments in several cities. I’ve travelled thousands of miles and I speak several languages. I’ve lived in various countries, moving between Milan, Geneva and Paris.

But today I can say that my journey truly began when I let my creativity emerge, when I decided to reframe my work around my greatest talents, to bring the best of myself into the world: on one hand a combination of aesthetic awareness and intuition and, on the other, a design focus and a practical instinct.

I didn’t just wing it: I went back to Milan, where I was born, and took a Master’s course in Interior Design at the Marangoni Institute. This is how I’ve nurtured the professional project that I’m describing here, once again confidently embracing all the changes life has shown me.

Thanks to this stubborn dedication, I now understand and love every moment of creating a project: when ideas appear, but also where they become reality and form personal spaces that you’ll enjoy living in every day.  


Home is a destination

Whether you’re thinking of little touches or of radically transforming your living space, working with me means starting a journey towards your idea of home.

I’ll inspire you to go to the heart of how you think about aesthetics and will listen to you talk about beauty as you understand it. Together we’ll explore what connects you to your space and we’ll transform it with little touches that will make you feel at home. Or, if you’d like, we can discuss a bigger project, optimising every corner of your home so that it truly fits your lifestyle.

And if you’re ready for a real revolution, I’ll help you make it happen, freeing up your time so that you can enjoy every step of the journey and all its beauty.

Stefania Luraghi, founder of studio Elles Interior Design , is pictured standing in front of a sliding partition panel she designed.
Portrait of Stefania Luraghi, founder of Elles Interior Design, in a moment of relaxation in nature.

The search for beauty

I’m an explorer and I look for beauty every day, in woodland trees, in salty waves or in the rhythm of lines in a book. Beauty gladdens my childlike heart and I often celebrate it in photos or brushstrokes of colour.
For a long time I lived and worked in big cities, but a few years ago my husband and I moved to the mountains of Haute Savoie, where I feel at home. Between these walls I found the inspiration and courage to honour my talent and open my interior design studio, with the aim of bringing all the beauty that surrounds me back into your homes.

I love working with…

  • People who are looking for a travel companion, someone with whom to explore needs and solutions with curiosity, trust and enthusiasm. I believe in sharing and I want every project to be an act of co-creation.  
  • People who have the time to plan every detail and enjoy the journey. I like meeting sustainable deadlines for everyone involved. 
  • People with a personal vision, far removed from clichés and glossy magazines, which are the antithesis of true wellbeing and original style.
  • People who are open to the world around them and love building bridges with other cultures: projects with an international soul that thrive on precious influences. 
Interior designer Stefania Luraghi, founder of studio Elles Interior Design, as she analyzes a sample in a supplier's showroom.

If you think I’m talking about you then get in touch!

I’ll be delighted to get back to you in a couple of days.

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    My name is Stefania and I’m your Personal Interior Designer. Together we can transform your living space so you feel truly at home.

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