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A bespoke wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe? My design at a distance.

After years of moving around France, Nathalie and Eric came back to live in Agen, a quiet town on the flat banks of the Garonne, where their forever home is located.

Generally speaking, the house had everything they needed: a spacious, airy interior, tasteful furnishings, and large windows overlooking gardens with a pond.

However, as she was settling in, Nathalie felt the need to keep everything in the wardrobe in their spacious bedroom and to find a solution where everything was organised and within easy reach.

She came to me on the recommendation of mutual friends and we immediately started working long distance. After our first virtual meeting, Nathalie shared a series of photos of their spaces, with their measurements and I used these to gather all the elements I needed to offer two customised solutions. 

  • The first made full use of the available space with a large walk-in wardrobe, which completely occupied the area behind the bed. I transformed the small central wall that partially divided this area into a wood-panelled wall. I placed the sliding glass doors of the wardrobe at the sides, facing the rest of the room.
  • The second solution was to create a custom-made wardrobe, integrating the wardrobe space into the room further and reducing its square footage. In this way, I maintained the ample room for movement around the space that the couple liked so much.

In both cases I suggested using organic materials with a natural appeal, mixing wood and textiles, to bring a touch of simple elegance to this new space, in harmony with the style of the home.

Nathalie and Eric immediately chose the first solution, which I developed in detail with technical drawings and 3D renderings. I then gave them all the technical indications for my design, so it could be created by a local craftsman.

The couple were so delighted with the design that it encouraged me to offer my Prêt-à-porter service online too! 

Portrait of interior designer Stefania Luraghi as she works on a project.

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