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A renovation project that follows the seasons of life.

When Brigitte contacted me, she wanted to completely renovate her home in Aix-Les-Bains, a beautiful spa resort surrounded by mountains and overlooking the lake.

The building had been designed in the 1960s to house a large family. Now that the children were married and had moved away, the way of life in the house had changed profoundly, and Brigitte wanted the spaces to reflect this development.

So together we decided to opt for a complete renovation, with my Sur Mesure service.

I loved the home from the very first visit, with its extraordinary orientation, which offers views of both the sunrise and sunset.
I worked to completely re-organise the spaces, over 120 square metres, with radical changes to every part of the home:

  • The entrance has been moved to where the kitchen originally was, creating a room completely covered in custom-made light wood panelling that offers a bright, cosy atmosphere while still being functional.
  • The kitchen has been organised around a central island that occupies part of a large open space together with the living and dining room. Two very interesting features here are the double-sided bioethanol fireplace, created to preserve an existing load-bearing wall that couldn’t be repositioned, and the beautiful wood panelling integrating on both sides a sliding door giving access on one side to the night corner and on the other to the bathroom and the basement.
  • Entering the sleeping area leads to a small bathroom and the bedroom equipped with a wood and stoneware boiserie with an integrated door giving access to the walk-in wardrobe. Here we have a storage system with hinged doors in wood and stoneware like the boiserie and a gym corner.
  • The main bathroom has been redesigned with a bathtub and shower.

I carefully studied the wall coverings, creating an interesting mix of wood and ceramics in shades of light brown and grey that are also reflected in the kitchen furniture.

The work has completely changed the appearance of the house, modernising it while preserving its timeless allure.

Portrait of interior designer Stefania Luraghi as she works on a project.

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