Portfolio / PRÊT-À-PORTER: partial renovation project

Two interior design solutions for a hallway: the house of Sandra in Montpellier.

Sandra had just moved to her new home near Montpellier, a recently built house with a contemporary design.
When she contacted me, she wanted to work on the entrance, which opens directly onto the living area on one side and leads to the bedroom area on the upper floor on the other.

The cantilevered staircase with its black metal steps set into a full-height wall was already a striking, airy, element, but otherwise the entrance was rather bare passageway. Sandra’s idea was to furnish it with a personal touch, in a style that reflected her love for art and nature.  

With my Prêt-à-porter service, I suggested two interventions with a range of solutions. 

I suggested covering the full-height wall on which the cantilevered staircase rests with a choice of 3 different finishes:

  • Limewash, a material made of simple, natural elements that creates a warm, healthy environment.
  • Custom-made wallpaper with highly decorative patterns.
  • Distinctively textured stained wood panels, available in a range of colours.

I proposed various furnishing ideas to make the hallway cosy and functional:

  • A wardrobe, set in the wall next to the front door, to store coats and accessories.
  • Furnishings with a discreet but distinctive design, developed vertically to reduce clutter (like the legendary Falkland lamp by Bruno Munari).
  • A storage cube, which serves both as a tray for objects and to hold books and magazines.
  • Seats under the stairs, to create a cosy corner for relaxation.

The visuals helped Sandra have an overview of each of the solutions and to choose coverings and furniture for her hallway in a more conscious way.

Portrait of interior designer Stefania Luraghi as she works on a project.

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