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An interior design consultation with two ideas... and here it is: two new comfortable corners!

Nathalie was looking for targeted advice on furnishing some important corners of her home in Annecy. In particular, she wanted help choosing a space-saving table for the kitchen and some cushions for a sofa that she thought looked bare.

I offered two solutions with my Retouche service.

  • I suggested she create a ‘bistrot corner’ in the kitchen revolving around a piece of furniture typical in French cafés: a circular table for two with a stem base, maybe lit by a hanging lamp that projects a defined beam of light. With minimal intervention Nathalie enhanced a functional space like the kitchen with a touch of intimacy that leaves space for relaxation.
  • For the sofa, I suggested a large selection of cushions in line with the general style of the house, which would enhance the palette and fabrics that were already part of the large living room. I gave Nathalie much more than a simple list – complete research with the brand and price of each cushion, as well as custom-made solutions.

Even I was amazed at how these two targeted suggestions changed how Nathalie perceived and inhabited the spaces in her home, in a much more pleasure and comfortable way.  

Portrait of interior designer Stefania Luraghi as she works on a project.

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